About us

About Us

We are visionary company specializing in providing educational program for Entrepreneurship development with a goal of financially improving the lives of over  20 thousand underserved people. Our’s  is a new breed of socially inclusive company with a clear and definite purpose.

It currently meets these social objectives by delivering in 3 promising ways-

Business Startup Programs  - These provide unique,socially-inclusive,Knowledge support for fresher’s,early-stage businesses & Start ups.Our program Recognized  for its effectiveness and innovation.  

We teach people how to start and very importantly,sustain new and early- stage businesses.    

We have special focus on “How to avoid failure in business”.

This program took over 12 months in development,It is a video-rich program that launched publicly in year 2017.

The program is unique because it is simple,practical and easy to follow and provides common sense  business  education that will not only help people to get better and faster results but will,very importantly, give them a much greater likelihood of building a long-term,financially-sustainable business.

Our Tutorials also helps users to think,realize and achieve their personal objectives,gives them a sense of community,helps them to develop clear action plans,helps them to avoid typical pitfalls and traps and shows them how to face and overcome obstacles and challenges in their business.

Uniquely,the program recognizes and acknowledges that it’s the ‘ personal factors ’,which are the core components and influencers about whether people will or will not be successful in business.In fact latest  startup research shows that in successful startups and early-stage businesses, core business skills only contribute to about 30%  and that it’s the personal components that make up the other crucial 70%.

The Business Seekho  program  developed specifically for entrepreneurs,new startups, early-stage businesses and existing businesses who want to build strong foundations or faster and more sustainable results.It contains over 30 videos,interactive workbooks,in-depth support materials and other valuable resources.

To provide the utmost flexibility,the program was developed in a modular format that can be customized,adapted,enhanced and even fully-branded to meet the needs of Freshers,Small Business Owners,Government and Public sector organizations,non-profits and industry as a whole.

Program Focus – Developed with a core purpose of making a large social and economic impact.

These programs have four key objectives:

Increase the number of business startups.

Improve the survival rates of new and early-stage businesses.

Nurture entrepreneurism and innovation and help clients develop fundamental business skills/literacy.

Make a positive impact on the development and revitalization of local economies.

Programs also specialize in delivering highly-targeted support programs for: Young people ,Women, the Long-term Unemployed,Low-Income Families, Age 50+ and even working professionals who wants to earn as extra money in the form of part time business.


“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”