Mr.Anupam Shrivas

- Student

It was terrific, amazing, brilliant, perfect.Maza aa gaya..Thanks For Guidance.

Shri Madan Jain

- Working Professional

Thank you for your motivation, I think we needed this so much. Thank you for encouraging us!

Mr. Amit Sharma

- Businessman

Waooo He is excellent in his Skills and Knowledge. His Training Programs are effectively designed.

Mr.Sooraj gupta

- student final year BBA,Nagpur

Easy to digest modules are perfect for people who have limited time to read books.

Ms.Pooja Awasthi

- New business startup

Lot of smart points in the whole course that simplify the process.

Mrs. Neeta Yadav

- Start up-home based business

He knows his content very well and his suggested approach was believably workable.very well presented too.

Mr.Naman diwedi

- student

Love the course. Short straight to the point objectives. Awesome presentation.Great information and easy to follow.

Mr.Advit Shukla

- student

Love the course. Short straight to the point objectives. Awesome presentation.Thanks

Mr.vedant sharma

- Job professional

One of the best courses It provides a lot of great information on idea generation, both refreshers on old topics for me and completely new topics, all of them with real world examples to back them up.

Shri Mahesh Mohan Dubey

- Retired professor of economics

This is a very engaging and comprehensive course. I do have ideas already but keeping an open mind while doing the exercises. really Useful.

Mr.Saaransh Thakur

- Entrepreneur

Thanks for course. Some advices helped me to decide what to do fast and correctly.

Mrs.Anushree shukla

- housewife

Arpan is a great instructor, right to the point and I really love the quiz after every lesson. helps a lot. Thanks again and keep up the Great work my friend.

Miss Nasia Ahmed

- Working Professional

Great course! This guy is so easy to follow and very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I wish I Should have watched this early!

Mrs.Amreen khan

- housewife

I wish I'd watched this before I started my  business I made the mistake of jumping into business too quickly, thinking it would be easier than it was . But now I can go back and fix things.

Miss Surbhi rajshekhar

- student

This is a very comprehensive course and by the end you'll have all the info you need for starting a business. I highly recommend it.

Mr.Amrit gupta

- Working Professional

Enjoying the lesson so far even ,presentation really helps a lot.


- Teacher

The guides express quite a few excellent points for starting a new business for the very first time. These videos greatly simplify the whole process and make it look easy.

Mr.Vivek singh

- Working Professional

The instructor is very very good and have an experience and i will do practical as an application of the course.

Miss Poorvi chandak

- College Student

Very thorough explanation on everything you need to know to start a business. The instructor brought up items that I was not aware of. This course was an excellent experience because it saved me a lot of money from hiring a business consultant for my start up.

Mohd.aamir Qureshi

- Businessman

He gives very detailed information in ordered structure. Clear with good slide!

Miss Kirti tiwari

- Shop owner at mumbai

When I began my first business I was scrambling for basic advice and a place to start. After getting a lot of really bad advice from doing google searches I found  business seekho’s  course I feel like this course delivered and redelivered. I feel like he really went out of his way to make sure that new entrepreneurs have a solid foundation for starting their own business.

Mrs Shikha Jain

- Home Based Business

I like the way instructor speaks, moves, interacts; and the contents are obviously fantastic. 24-Awesome concise course with value real-world nuggets of advice that I can use today. I think this is the fastest way to learn business.

Shri Hanuman prasad

- Businessman

Each topic could use more time. The material is so good, the course finished too quickly, and effectively.

Mrs.Meenakshi Singh Thakur

- Small Business Owner

The course is exactly what I thought it would be. Arpan did a wonderful job of teaching the lessons There are lessons and/or tips in this course that one only gains through years of experience Very nice! Thank you!

Miss Vidhi narang

- Student

Although the course content is worthwhile I do not believe it meets the rigorous standards of a good MBA curriculum. Perhaps that is why they do not teach these business "do's and dont's" in MBA programs.

Mr.Roshan gulati

- Businessman

The quotes were very good.thanks for the help.

Alisha John

- student

 This Program  has helped me to bring back my Confidence for starting my own boutique,and expanding my business online.

“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”